Passenger Services at Faro Airport

Faro International Airport has numerous services available to cater for its passengers; they range from WiFi to banking and currency exchange services, services throughout the airport are signposted clearly and in most cases are open throughout the day.

Pharmacy: There is a pharmacy in the general public area in as well as in the departures zone restricted to passengers only. Their opening hours are from early in the morning until 23:00 hours.

Banking: There are cashpoints in the general public areas as well as in the passenger only areas. There is a branch of Bank Totta e Açores in the general public area, their opening hours are from 08:00 hrs until 15:30 hrs.

Currency Exchange Services: There is a branch of CotaCurrency Exchange, this is located in the general public zone and their opening hours are from 07:00 hrs until 23:00 hrs.

Postal Services: There is a post office facility in the airport which is located in the general public area, their opening hours are from 09:00 to 19:30 hrs Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays they open from 09:00 hrs until 12:30 hrs.

WiFi and Internet Facilities: There is WiFi throughout the airport as well as internet access which is clearly signposted. This is a chargeable service, the setting up process is on a step by step basis once you’ve selected the network you wish to connect to; please note that a credit card may be required in order to use this service.

VIP Lounge: The VIP lounge is located within easy reach from the duty free shops, within close proximity to the boarding area and passport control. There are a number of facilities available in the lounge which includes: snacks and drinks, alcoholic beverages, television, WiFi, flight monitors, disabled access, air conditioning and internet. The maximum stay at the VIP lounge in Far airport is 3 hours, the cost is in the region of 30€ per person.

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  1. David Brown says:

    Can I book fast track track to clear immigration please