Parking At Faro Airport


Airport car park

There are a number of options available to those wishing to park at Faro Airport, it is also recommended that those wishing to park for longer periods of time reserve their parking in advance.


Parking – Classic P0: This car par area is located within a 2 minute walk from the terminal; it is an open air car park.

Low Cost Plus – Parking P2: This car parking facility is located approximately within a 3 minute walk from the terminal; it is an open air facility.

Low Cost – Parking P3: This is the lowest priced parking at Faro Airport, it is an open air facility and due to being the lowest cost, it is also the one furthest away, it is approximately an 8 minute walk away from the terminal. It is also an open air facility.


Faro airport offers ample parking for passengers as well as for drop off or collections. There are however, a number of restrictions and security measures which all drivers wishing to use the car parking facilities at Faro Airport must abide by.

  • Car Parks P2 and P3 are only accessible to vehicles up to a maximum height of 1.9 metres
  • Trucks and trailers are not allowed in any of the car parking areas
  • Due to security reasons as well as to road traffic regulations, all vehicles within the airport perimeter are permanently monitored
  • Unaccompanied vehicles parked in restricted or areas not reserved for parking will be removed immediately
  • The front area of arrivals and departures may be used for drop off or collecting passengers, however, the airport authorities request that this is done swiftly and quickly in order to avoid traffic queues and inconvenience other passengers. Those wishing to stop for a longer period of time are requested to use the areas designated for parking. All areas are under constant monitoring and drivers will be requested to move.


Photo credit:  Julian♦H

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  1. Marc Cohen says:

    I would like to park at the airport for 2 days – how much will this cost?